A. Community Development and Social Capital Building

The objective of this component is to engage with the local communities in order to secure their involvement in project implementation and monitoring. This would include social mobilization of local communities and capacity building of local community organizations.

B. Community Infrastructure and Services

This component focuses will on community physical infrastructure. Specifically, the project would finance rehabilitation of damaged infrastructure, the construction of new infrastructure, and operation and maintenance (O&M), with priorities to be established in consultation with the community groups. Mostly the project will concentrate on water & sanitation, agriculture and livestock sectors.

C. Livelihoods Support

This component would include providing farmer/community groups with livelihoods subprojects for procuring improved extension services, quality agriculture inputs, tools and implements, and to help in the development of selected products’ value chains. The component would also focus on improving livelihoods through Livestock Development: This would support livestock production as an important source of income and nutrition for poorer households.

D. Institutional Strengthening, Monitoring and Evaluation and Project Management

This component would include capacity building of RLCIP monitoring staff and explore introduction of new/innovative approaches for community-government partnerships. Examples of these innovations may include introducing Information Communication Technology (ICT) based technologies for monitoring and community O&M.